Remco Buiting, Team Leader Section ATM Bodies CEN 3/4.
Working at Gunnebo
A fine employer, and pleasant colleagues

Why is it, that people like working at Gunnebo this much? On average, tenures at our company exceed 12 years. There is an excellent working atmosphere. Again – why is this? The answer to these questions do not consist of a singular cause. It could be, because there is a sound trust in the professionalism and continuity of the company. Backed by a large parent company, there is ample room for professional investments, an extensive (and often compulsory) training programme for employees, and a general feeling of ‘belonging’ to an international business and production environment. Employment conditions and amenities are good – like the very frequent annual bonus, presents during public holidays, and regular outings to, for example, a beautiful city abroad.

It could also be, that a deciding factor is the shared believe in decency and common sense. Part of our ‘Achterhoekse’ mentality (the Achterhoek is the region we live in) is an aversion to vanity, to showing off – we prefer to get a job done, thank you. We praise those who have a sincere wish to accomplish results together, with mutual respect, kindness and the readiness to help and support their colleagues. And rivalry and competition – they are only allowed when accompanied by a sportive twinkle.

Whatever the reasons exactly – we invite you to join (or visit) our company, and experience why – as we trust you will – people like working at Gunnebo.


Below, you will find any current vacancies. If no vacancies are available, or if neither match your job description, please feel free to submit an open application. For this, please e-mail us your resume accompanied by a brief outline of your motivation to

Temporary work (via a job-agency)

At Gunnebo, we are supported by approximately 150 temporary agency workers, of which the majority originates from Eastern-Europe. We actively support the carefree and respectful cooperation between these colleagues and our Dutch colleagues. With results: there is a general consensus that this partnership contributes to a more diverse and pleasant working atmosphere.

If you would like to apply for a job at Gunnebo, or would like to learn more, then please contact our partner job-agency Euro Planit, via 0031 575 555 518. For more information and additional contact details, please visit